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Originals esports is one of the first esports prfessionals organizations in morocco . it was founded by mehdi ennasiry and el mehdi abouaita , those two persons they have been friends sense a long time , and we are dreaming to be proffesional players in the world, so we came up with an idea to create a pro team which is r6s team,it was created in april 2018. after a little while we decided to make originals esports bigger by turning it to an organization so we started adding more games which means more rosters in different games so we started containing the best players in morocco . now that we have them you can say we are the best,powerful esports organization in morocco. and yes we’ve won some tournaments in morocco and outside morocco and we are looking forward to be recognized by the world.


Every month on Facebook,YT And twitch streams
Our reach exceeds Thousands of views every month on multiple online platforms and continues to rise with the growing success of our teams and players. From Facebook to YouTube and Twitch.tv we have developed a solid network to keep our greatest asset – our players – fully visible and interactive with the fans and community at large.

Our players are the face and voice of ORIGINALS Esports. We want them to win more than anything but for us the players always come first. Only working together as a fist we can be resilient and build up experience growing together and marking our way through the tough times to significant victories. Healthy and comfortable working environment whilst upholding our core values of professionalism is a must for every team and player. We are extremely grateful to get their dedication and loyalty in return. At ORIGINALS Esports each and every one of us is wearing the team jersey with pride.

Our partners play a key-role in our success and we are proud to count EXHIVITE, And MGE part of the ORIGINALS ESPORTS family. It’s our goal to work closely and cohesively with our partners to improve the esports experience for everyone. Therefore we accommodate a wide range of ideas and creative solutions and are in the fortunate position to share our vision, tone and the requirement for the highest quality possible with all of our partners.

Our Achievements
Iso Moroccan Cup Tournament
2nd In Moroccan Cup TN Organized By Team Iso
Solo Fortnite Worldcup Finals
Fortnite Solo Worldcup Finals Classement 315th Week 7
Duo Fortnite Worldcup Finals
Fortnite Duo Worldcup Finals Classement 450th Week 3
G4G R6S Tournaments Titles
20 G4G Title In Rainbow Six Siege Weekly Tournaments
ESL Monthly Tournaments
2nd Classement In The ESL R6S Monthly Challenges
Duo Fortnite Wordcup Demi-Finals
Fortnite Duo Worldcup Demi-Finals Classement 210th Week 10
Duo Fortnite Worldcup Prelude
Fortnite Duo Prelude Worldcup Finals Classement 381th
Solo Fortnite Worldcup Finals
Fortnite Solo Worldcup Finals Classement 450th Week 3
Duo Fortnite Worldcup Finals
Fortnite Duo Worldcup Finals Classement 527th Week 10
Duo Fortnite Worldcup Finals
Fortnite Duo Worldcup Finals Classement 380th Week 6
Nvidia MENA BattleNight V3
Winner Of Nvidia MENA BattleNight V3 Cashprize 3500$
Hmdyr Solo Tournament
Winner Of Hmdyr Holiday Solo Tournament
Facebook Page