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Here is a look at the potential Season X Battle Pass skins that were seen in the Fortnite Trailer released earlier today.

Each of the four teasers for the new Fortnite Season X have been discharged and Epic have even posted the trailer for the following season multi day sooner than then generally do. It is as yet obscure if this trailer was discharged in view of the authority Fortnite Brazil Twitter record tweeting it early or in the event that it was intended to be discharged.

For the season trailers previously, new Battle Pass skins are generally observed thus we have experienced the trailer and spotted four potential new Season X skins that will include in the Battle Pass and can be seen beneath.

Fortnite Season X Trailer – Battle Pass Skin 1

The first skin to be spotted in the trailer is what looks to be a Llama skin. This looks very similar to the DJ Yonder skin that was released in the Season 6 Battle Pass, but it looks like it has been mixed with the Blackheart skin that was released in the Season 8 Battle Pass. Rowing the boat is the Fishstick pirate variant, the same one that can be seen in one of the Season 8 Battle Pass Loading Screens with Blackheart, which seems to confirm it is a mix between the two.

The second skin that was seen in the trailer is an Astronaut skin, which looks very similar to the Dark Voyager skin, which was available in the Season 3 Battle Pass. The suit is slightly different and the color of the lights for the Dark Voyager skin is orange whereas this skin it’s green.

These skins are very disappointing and are fundamentally the same as past Battle Pass skins, so there is a plausibility that these skins could be variations and Epic have been including new styles for skins that have been discharged previously. Having said that, Epic don’t typically exhibit skin styles in the trailer and if the trailer was discharged sooner than expected and there will be no artistic tomorrow then the skins seen above are more than likely the skins you will get by step up in the Season X Battle Pass.

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